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Latin for Beginners

Spend a day on classical Latin, with a look at Latin words at the roots of English ones. See how the language works, enjoy some ancient gossip, learn more about ancient writers, and hear their work read aloud.

St Davids Cathedral


Saturday 25th March

Fishbourne Roman Palace   Chichester

Saturday 22nd April

Llandaff Cathedral


Saturday 29th April

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The Complete Latin Course

The Complete

Latin Course


Get Started in Latin

Get Started

in Latin


Catch up with mulus

and his friends

Get Started in Latin - a translation of the story


History of Rome

Hear legends of early Rome, trace the conflict with Hannibal and Carthage, and witness Rome’s cultural catch-up with Greece. The plot thickens as we reach the era of Julius Caesar, of Cleopatra, of Mark Antony and Augustus, of the Gauls, the Greeks, the Africans and the rest.

Roman Baths

6-7 May (2 days)


Fishbourne Roman Palace   Chichester

14-15 Oct (2 days)

Courses coming to

Gloucester Cathedral


Sat 19th August  Stories in Latin      

Latin follow-up to beginners' day-course  

Sat 4th Nov   Latin Voices

A day on Latin poetry

Sun 5th Nov   Boudicca's near-Brexit

Explosive episode in the Roman empire

Why would the ablative case help detectives solve a murder mystery?

Practise all the cases

with cartoon exercises

One-to-one lessons

via distance Latin class

Ancient Greek

Language, culture and literature courses in Bristol and Gloucester


Latin Voices

Why hear Latin?

Opera singer

Matthew Hargreaves reads from Aeneid 6, Virgil's story of Aeneas visiting the underworld.

Catullus to Lesbia:

let's live and love

Virgil's distraught hero Aeneas has lost his wife. Here he is comforted by her ghost.

Carpe diem, says

Horace to his girl.

More readings

Ovid's story of

Narcissus and Echo

Latin Qvarter readingsAudio CD of

Teach Yourself Complete Latin

George Sharpley reads from Gavin Betts' course.

Latin language classes, courses, readings, books and films