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Learning with Lingua

How do you learn?

One-to-one training courses can be delivered as regular programmes, typically a once-weekly session on-site, while immersion training (blocks of days) is usually delivered off-site. Residential and distant courses are also available. Training courses for groups are delivered at the client's premises as preferred.

We prepare your course according to your needs, whether you speak to people face-to-face, or on the phone or in conference calls, whether you need to write emails, or simply to get around with more confidence and make a better impression during those business and social exchanges.

Are you a beginner?

As a beginner you start with the basic rules and key phrases which from the first session help you to build a stronger rapport with colleagues overseas. A beginner learning to speak a language even just to 'get by' opens a world of contacts in professional life that will bring immediate rewards. Even if English is the regular language in meetings, there’ll still be moments when a few words can go a long way.

Already up and running?

As well as evaluating all your points of contact business meeings, travel, social, and writing skills we will need to assess your starting-level. During the course where possible the target language only is spoken. Plenty of conversation practice will reinforce new-found skills, and practical rehearsal and role plays put you into real-life situations. These activities are engaging, stimulate more learning and benchmark your progress.

Lingua's trainers are talented and engaging mother-tongue teachers, well-experienced and highly professional. They tune their teaching to you, not only the content and level of the material but also the approach which will suit you best.

Expect some homestudy too for this is a valuable part of the process: our resources and films are there to make these exercises engaging. And we guide you to follow up your interests in the language. Learning is lighter when you're unaware you are learning.

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