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First Steps in Italian

Hello/Good morning Buongiorno
Hello/Good evening Buona sera
Hi/Bye Ciao
My name is Bond Mi chiamo Bond
I am English Sono inglese
I work for Lingua Lavoro per Lingua
I live in England Abito in Inghilterra
I do not speak Italian very well Non parlo bene l'Italiano
More slowly, please Puž lentamente, per favore
I'll have... (food choice) Prendo...
I'll have... (food choice) Per me...
Please Per favore
Thank you Grazie
You're welcome Prego
How much is it? Quanto costa?
There you are Ecco
Could i speak to... Potrei parlare con...
I agree Sono d'accordo
For sure/of course Certo
I don't believe it! Non ci credo!
See you shortly A dopo
See you later A pui tardi
Have a good day Buona giornata
Have a good evening Buona serata
Goodbye Arrivederci

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