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German language training courses



One-to-one training courses can be delivered as regular programmes, typically a once-weekly session on-site, while immersion courses (blocks of days) are usually delivered off-site. Residential and distant courses are also available. Training courses for groups are delivered at the client's premises as preferred.

Our training courses will give you the skills to travel with confidence, understand more what is going on around you and build stronger relationships with your business colleagues. We prepare you for all your points of contact — e.g. social, meetings, presentations, travel, telephone, conference calls and email. The grammar of German is put before you in a clear step-by-step way, and with lots of lively activities and carefully tailored supports.

Lingua's trainers are talented and engaging mother-tongue teachers, well-experienced and highly professional. Our trainers set their standards by how much more confident you become under their guidance.

It may be possible to get by speaking English in many situations in Germany. But If you want to build a stronger rapport with your German colleagues, then start to speak their language.


Make a start with some German words and phrases

Learning with Lingua

Working with other Europeans: see filmclip

English grammar support


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