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Beginners  (Level 0-1: for levels see the 0-5 scheme)

French course worksheets (beginners)

French phrases for beginners  (hear and repeat)

Filmclips from La Cuisine Anglaise

More French films  


Post-beginners  (Level 1+)

French course worksheets (post-beginners)

Listening drills


Dialogues (texts)

                     le douanier      la réceptionniste      les collègues


Practise French verbs

(Level 2+)


French Grammar Rules  book *

French for Business & Pleasure  book & audio *


*  Ask your teacher or course organiser for these




Author Steve Wright describes the history, culture, art,

food and economy of France, and takes a look at

particular regions too.


The French love the British and the British love

the French. It's a cliché. Find that, and other

French words, here ...

  DVDs' text supports
  English grammar support

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