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Chinese language training courses


Chinese is the most spoken mother-tongue in the world.

China is the most populated country, has the fastest growing economy, and is sure to play a big part in all our futures.

The language is quite different from English (a scholar introduces written Chinese here), but mastering some key expressions for confident travel and contact-building courtesy is not so challenging. One-to-one or group training courses can be delivered as regular programmes, typically a once-weekly session on-site, while immersion training (blocks of days) is usually delivered off-site. Residential and distant courses are also available. Cultural induction is delivered in half-day or full-day seminars.


Did you know ...

Chinese people generally don’t kiss or embrace each other unless they are close friends or family. A smile and nod of the head is the typical way to greet or acknowledge someone you know. In more formal situations, people normally shake hands.

Smiling is good. Even if you don’t feel like it. The Chinese smile all the time, which doesn’t necessarily mean they are warming to you or like you particularly... It’s standard for them. Not smiling may appear unfriendly.

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